DEI College

DEI College is a registered center of the University of London and it is offering prestigious Bachelors, Masters and MBAs with the academic direction of the London School of Economics, UCLAN and the University of Northampton.

  • Visual Identity
  • Online marketing art direction

Supporting a workload of multilingual marketing collateral while keeping a consistent visual identity.

During every academic season, DEI College needed a workload of marketing collateral. Landing pages, social media content, email newsletters, and many more.

For every project there were several stakeholders involved. English copywriters, translators for several languages, the marketing team, and the necessary approval from the University of London partners.

In order to streamline the design process DEI needed strict visual guidelines. Every year before the academic season, the creative team with my direction, decided the visual strategy. Colour palettes, typefaces, stock imagery, custom photography etc. These decisions were translated into design templates for marketing, social media and print communication that were used throughout the academic year. This process proved to reduce significantly the production and approval time during every academic season.

Visual Identity

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